Research Profile

Research, innovation and transfer at the DHBW Mannheim

Knowledge building, knowledge transfer and practical knowledge synthesis – this is what the DHBW stands for as a knowledge and transfer partner. In addition to project-related cooperative research with our corporate partner companies, the DHBW Mannheim participates in research projects at other universities and research institutions at regional, national and international level. This is how the DHBW Mannheim is able to guarantee that the latest findings from fundamental and applied research are incorporated into application-oriented innovations and teaching. On the other hand, the proximity of the DHBW Mannheim to its corporate partners provides advantages such as practical relevance, networking options and cooperative knowledge development and transfer.

In order to strengthen its own research profile and to establish research foci, the DHBW Mannheim concentrates on establishing research networks. Research professors work locally in clusters in order to jointly extend the scope of their own research projects.